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Natural Wine 


Our natural wine list consists of producers who spends minimum time in the cellar, their focus is mainly on the farming. Wines made from healthy grapes from the healthy living soil, fermented with native yeasts and without any additions of chemicals from small producers who let the wine find their own balance in the cellar, developing completely free.
Our aim is to offer one of the most pure, fresh and real wines to our clients that taste different every year and therefore are alive and true. 

As the vines roots draw deep into the natural living soil and subsoil, the organic and mineral substances proper to the healthy place where they grow, reflects in the character of the wine. It comes with an authenticity and a special energy that gives all the richness and flavor, the nutritional quality and thus gives you the true experience of the purest wine of the region.

We believe in a few years people will change their minds of what wines could really be. 



Fine natural wines are vibrant and alive, and show excitingly diverse personalities that are full of emotion. Natural wine-making is done without chemical and little technological intervention, always using organic farming and at times they are also using biodynamic farming. During the production nothing is added to or removed from the wine.

Natural wine is true in its grape flavor and we would call it emotional. Some may say that it is the new phenomenon of quality drinks, although it has existed since ancient times. They have the taste, smell and the gorgeous colors, are environmentally healthy and even healthier than any other wine. When wine was first made 10,000 years ago, it was not made with bundles of yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, reverse osmosis, cryoextraction or powdered tannins. These products came after the Second World War, with a view to rebuilding agriculture quickly for the losses caused by the war, and many farmers did not resist this offer, those who refused could not survive at the time. Our selection today is based on producers who have mirrored these farmers against the chemical industry such as Joseph and Anne François de Anjou (the true wine icons of the 1950s).



At Caverna do Vinho we aim to give you the best natural wine producers such as the true star in the natural wine world Jean-Pierre Robinot, the original Sebastien Dervieux known as Babass, the legendary Domaine de Chassorney from Bourgogne, the hardcore farmer Michel Guignier. From Austria we will give you the master of biodiversity Franz Strohmeier, the ageing faces from Gut Oggau and the precision of Christian Tschida.












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