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TLZ Karmin N° 8 2017

Christine and Franz Strohmeier
Rosé - Styria

Natural Biodynamic No Sulfites Unfiltered

TLZ is an abbreviation for Trauben, Liebe und Zeit - Grapes, Love and Time, the only three ingredients needed in a wine. Made from 35-40 years old Blauer Wildbacher grown on gneiss high in iron and silicon. Hand picked carefully selected healthy grapes, spontaneous fermentation followed by malolactic fermentation. 3-4 hours skin contact, after which the grapes are pressed very softly. The wine then stays in barrels for one year before it is bottled without fining, filtration or any addition of sulfites. A gastronomic rosé not to be missed!
Appearence: Bright with high acidity, medium bodied, no tannins, super fresh and fruity.

Blauer Wildbacher
Alcohol %
Bottle size
0,75 L


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