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Le Coste Rosso 2019

Le Coste - Clémentine Bouveron & Gian Marco Antonuzi
Red - Lazio

Natural Biodynamic No sulfits Unfiltered

2019 harvest is proving to be one of the best, certainly thanks to the quality of the grapes, but above all the dynamics of fermentation, carried out with linearity and without stoppages. 
The characteristics of this vintage, in addition to the good general structure of all the wines, are the fragrance, cleanliness, and incredible integrity of the fruit.

After de-stemming, all the grapes are fermented in contact with the skins for about three weeks, with some pumping over or fulling. At the end of fermentation, after pressing it was in chestnut and oak barrels of 10/20 hl for about one year, and then finished the refinement for another 6 months in the bottle.

Appearence: Fruity, Tannic & Savory

95% Sangiovese - 5% Ciliegelo,Cannaiolo & Vaiano
Vino da Tavola
Alcohol %
Bottle size
0,75 L


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