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Le Coste Olive Oil 2020

Le Coste - Clémentine Bouveron & Gian Marco Antonuzi
Olive Oil - Lazio

Natural Biodynamic No sulfits Unfiltered

Olive oil 2020, is the result of a magnificent vintage. The olives were harvested from October 20th to December 5th 2020, later than previous vintages, due to the severe drought in the summer months that delayed ripening, causing a real vegetative block. This is an oil in line of ​​maturity and quality. This year, the olives has mainly canino variety, then leccino and moraiolo, several particles of leccino and frantoio gave to 2020 vintage's oil a very intense fruitiness. The olives, collected in crates, are pressed a few hours later: the oil is obtained by cold extraction (max 26 degrees) with the Pieralisi method in a continuous cycle.


Olive Oil
Canino, Leccino & Moraiolo
Alcohol %
Bottle size
0,50 cl


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