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La Navine 2018

Les Vignes de Babass - Sébastien Dervieux
Pet Nat - Loire

Natural Biodynamic No sulfites Unfiltered

These are old vines of Chenin planted back in 1956 on top of a small hill near Beaulieu-sur-Layon. It was a vintage that took longer to ferment than usual, and in December 2018 there was 5g of residual sugar.

Navine is not produced every year (2011 , 2013 and 2018). This 2018, unlike the others cuvées was made as a pét nat using the ancestrale method and it has 5gr of residual sugar, which makes for a perfect balance with the acidity. It has a natural sweet flavor that slowly melts into an acidity.

Appearence: Slightly Sweet, Savoury & Aromatic

Chenin Blanc
Vin de France
Alcohol %
Bottle size
0,75 L


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