France, Jura


Raphaël and Estelle Monnier operate a small 2 hectare estate, located in AOC Arbois, cultivated in agrobiology since its creation in 2009. He got hold of some ‘historic’ parcels planted with old grape varieties including Trousseau, Poulsard, Gamay, Gueuche, Petit Baclan, Poulsard and Mézy. ‘Ratapoil’ name is a idea referring to the local dialect and the fact that he was an amateur wine maker when he started in 2009.

Domaine Ratapoil produces quite a broad range of wine, including appellation cuvées, vins de France, and the famous ‘Avis de tempête’.

The wines are neither fined nor filtered. Sulfur can be used, depending on the needs of each wine. Their objective is to obtain wines which respect the Arbois terroirs and express their minerality.

Ploussard Par ici 2018
Ratapoil - Raphaël Monnier
Jura, France

Temporarily out

Avis de Tempête n.8 2018
Avis de Tempête
Jura, France

Temporarily out

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