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France, Anjou


Baptiste Cousin is the son of Olivier Cousin, a remarkable winegrower. Baptiste makes wines of purity and depth located in Martigne-Briand, 30 km south of Angers.

Baptiste has a variety of grapes planted on different soils such as schist, limestone and clay. The vineyard has manual soil work and on horseback with biodynamic preparation and the vines are certified in Organic Agriculture and Nature et progress.

All the wines are without added sulphites, unfiltered, not fined, pressed with old vertical presses from years 30. Baptist says: The vinification is an accompaniment to the fermentation of the grape juice and not a correction of it. The whites, reds and rosés are usually macerated in whole bunches for several days depending on the mood. Then, depending on the cuvées, the tannins, the aromas etc they are aged in barrels or are bottled to age inside the bottle. 

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