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Italy, Sicily


Gabrio Bini used to work as an architect in Milan before him and his wife Geneviève bought their place in the tiny volcanic island of Pantelleria outside Sicily in 1994. He started with one hectare of vines and capers, focusing on the capers at first and then turning to the Pantellerian native vines pignatello, catarratto and zibibo.
Bini did a lot of research before he started to make wines, he looked for a professor in Milan's agriculture school for advice about viniculture which was very useful for him. Then he researched about winemaking in Georgia, the way that wine was born made in amphoras. He started his research in 1995 , and the first harvest and production  took place in 2005. That is 10 years of learning and studying how to make wines and the result is really unique wines. According to Bini (and we couldn’t agree more) making natural wines is taking risks, who makes conventional wines today does not know how to make wines. When you use that many chemicals it is easy, anyone can do it. No risk-taking at all.
Binis wines all undergoes a long maceration on the skins and are kept in terracotta amphoras buried in the vineyard.

Bini bought a nearby area where the vines are around 100 to 120 years old. Usually people would take these vines away to plant new ones cause of the low yield, but Bini keeps it as the quality is fantastic. From these vines he makes the Heritage with only 600 bottles per year and Resierva with 300 bottles per year.

Gabrio Bini wines are unique, a wild and pure experience in a glass.


Riserva Gabrio 2020
Gabrio Bini
Sicily, Italy
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