France, Languedoc



Jean Louis Pinto is a winemaker without a vineyard, yet. Like his good friend Antony Tortul from La Sorga he is starting small until he can afford his own vineyard. He buys small amounts of organically grown grapes from the best terroirs in Languedoc and he turns them into delicious micro cuvees. He selects grapes from the best terroirs around Gaillac, where his celler is, but also from St Chinian, Malepère, Ariège, and Corbières for example.
The vineyards he buys from are always certified organic and Pinto has great knowledge about the area from his old job, chosing the isolated parcels as to avoid chemicals from other farmers. The grapes are vinified seperatly so each cuvée reflects the terroir. On the label you can follow the arrow to see where the grapes are from. The vinification is done with minimal intervention and no additions whatsoever. He makes around 8000 bottles per year, 600 -1500 each of his 8 cuvées. That can be compared to the last job he had before doing his own wine where he managed a winery that made 160.000 bottles per year. He quit that job when he tasted a natural wine that completely changed his mind about wine and started his project in 2010. The idea is that wine has no limit of expression, animation and surprises. The aim is freshness and drinkability and that we can definitely confirm that his wines has.





Es D’Aqui Mauzanic 2019
Es D'Aqui
Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Es d'Aqui Conciliabulle 2019
Es D'Aqui
Langedouc-Roussillon, France
Pét Nat Red
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