Spain, Granada

Ramon Saavedra used to work as a chef before start making delicious wines. He never imagined he could make a living out of viticulture so he pursued a career as a chef. He spent 15 years working in kitchens in the Costa Brava until he decided to return back home to Granada - province of Andalucía.  He took over his family’s small vineyard, that they had only for their own consumption and planted another 4 hectares on alluvial soil deposited at the baseis producing natural wines at 1200 meters above sea level in Granada through the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Its winery Cauzón Bodega is composed of 2.5 hectares of Syrah, Tinta Fina and Cabernet Sauvignón, using organic farming since 1999, there’s been no need for chemicals in the vineyard. He hasn’t really needed them in the cellar either, native yeast fermentations, no filtering or fining at any time and no additives of any kind, not even sulfur.

"We do what we say and say what we do" (Ramon Saavedra)


Cauzon Blanco 2019
Bodega Cauzon
Granada, Spain

Temporarily out

Cauzon Tinto 2019
Bodega Cauzon
Granada, Spain
Degraciano Rosado 2019
Bodega Cauzon
Granada, Spain
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