France, Anjou

The man behind Les Vignes de Babass is Sebastien Dervieux but people know him as Babass. He was initially a musician but now he is making wines in Beaulieu-sur-Layon just south of Angers, near where the Layon river flows into the Loire. He started as a winemaker for Les Griottes along with Patrick Desplats since 2000. The two of them were rebels in Anjou, as they skipped sulfits during the whole vinification. Babass now makes his own wines from Chenin, Cabernet Franc and Grolleau where some was planted already around 1956 or 1957. His wines taste amazing and are as natural as a wine can be with the hands of humans.

Babass is together with Jean-Christophe Garnier the organizers of the event Les Vins Anonymes in Angers. Les Vins Anonymes is basically a gathering of similarly-minded artisan vignerons making wine without sulfites and working naturally all along, including in the vineyard.

       Cabernet Franc 


Joseph Anne Francoise 2017
Anjou, France
Groll ’n Roll 2018
Anjou, France
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