Wines that truly resemble the sense of place where they come from

Full of energy, flavours and vibrant textures

 The most authentic wines are those made naturally


TLZ Sonne N°7 2018

Christine and Franz Strohmeier
Orange - Styria

Natural Biodynamic No Sulfites Unfiltered

TLZ is an abbreviation for Trauben, Liebe und Zeit - Grapes, Love and Time, the only three ingredients needed in a wine.

From about 15 years old vines this Sauvignon Blanc is completely different from what you know about Sauvignon. A really precious wine that show exactly how Franz is, for us, one of the best producers in the world. It is harvested by hand and fermented in wooden barrels, 15 days in contact with the skins. It is unfiltered, unfined and has zero sulfur added.

Appearence: Elegance, Aromatic & Tension

Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol %
Bottle size
0,75 L


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