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Cat Silver N° 1 2019

Christine and Franz Strohmeier
White/Orange - Styria

Natural Biodynamic No Sulfites Unfiltered

“Cat Silver” is the name Strohmeier calls the silicate stones with very thin layers which are glimming nicely on the soil of all their vineyards. The idea was to create a wine, which shows all varieties of grapes planted in all their vineyards, reflecting the "Cat Silver".

Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay, Bronner, Muscaris, Büten-Muskateller as well red grapes - Zweigelt, Blauer Wildbacher, Cabernet Jura, Merlot, Rösler, Regent from loamy Opoksoil, as well as stone gneis and well developed gneis.

It is a blend of skin-fermented and direct-pressed grapes, fermentation in barrels.

Appearence: Fruity, Tannic & Fabulous.

Alcohol %
Bottle size
0,75 L


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