Wines that truly resemble the sense of place where they come from

Full of energy, flavours and vibrant textures

 The most authentic wines are those made naturally


Blanc d' Orange N°1 2019 Magnum

Christine and Franz Strohmeier
Orange(Light Frizzante) - Styria

Natural Biodynamic No Sulfites Unfiltered

White grapes fermented on the skins for 3 weeks (in stainless steel - open tank) with Zweigelt soft pressed immediately and spontaneous fermentation in wooden barrel, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, 8 months maturation in barrel then cuvée and preparing for bottling with yeast and sugar adding for second fermentation. Traditional bottle fermentation, 2,5 bar pressure no disgorgement – cloudy with all the yeast.

Vines from Gneis-soil with good humus on top , natural grass and herbs.


45% Sauvignon blanc, 40 Pinot blanc, 15% Zweigelt
Alcohol %
Bottle size
1,50 L


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