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We first discovered wines made naturally with low intervention at a restaurant in Copenhagen in 2011 and got blown away. The flavour, the colour of the wine and the stories about the winemakers had us from the first sip.

In 2017 we moved from Sweden to Portugal with the ambition to open a wine and tapas bar, during the research we found out that there is only a few winemakers in Portugal that can be called natural and barely any wines without sulfites S02 added.  We noticed a handful of growers we already loved weren’t represented here and that actually some of the greatest little producers  had never had their wines in Portugal. So we decided to start importing these amazing, emotional and outstanding wines so that we can share the experience with more people.


Our ambition is to introduce true wines, carefully selected from small producers in Europe. Producers who respect the land and make wines that reflect where they are. Showing how amazing the land and climate make the flavours of the pure wines.

Our list consists of wines made by good people, made from health grapes only, vinified only with native yeasts, without addition of additives and sulfites in 99% of our selection.

We believe that the wines produced in this way tastes better, are more vibrant and true.



As a cook Leandro consider food to be part of a natural cycle, always considering the environment and what is healthy while he is creating dishes with amazing flavours. He was born in Brasil, a country without wine traditions. He didn´t appreciate wine until he tried the masters of wines fermented naturally without sulfits added. For him it was a whole new world, a wine with gastronomic ambition that enhances the flavours of the food and vice versa. When choosing the wines Leandro is using his gastronomic palate.

When Josefine became vegan she discovered how much animal products and chemicals are being used in the process of industrial winemaking. But instead of stop drinking wine she started searching for places that serves real wines.


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