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The Caverna do Vinho Story


How we discovered natural wine

We're Leandro and Josefine, and we first discovered "natural" wine - a broad term for wines made with low-intervention methods - at a restaurant in Copenhagen in 2011. We were blown away. The flavours and colour of the wine had us from the first sip.

Equally exciting were the stories of these winemakers: Small, independent producers. Traditional winemaking methods. No pesticides or herbicides. In true partnership with the environment, the weather, and the soil.

The more we learned, the more we wanted to share our discoveries with other wine lovers.

In 2017, we moved from Swedent to Lisbon, originally intending to open a wine and tapas bar. At that time, there were a handful of winemakers in Portugal that could be called natural, but very, very few that used no sulfites.

We also discovered that many of our favourite natural wines - wines from Italy, Spain, France, and Austria - weren't available in Portugal. Several winemakers we already knew and loved weren't represented in Lisbon, and some had never had their wines available in Portugal at all! Our natural wine "mission" became clear.


Our goal: sharing natural wines with the world

Caverna do Vinho offers natural wines from small producers across Europe. We import, sell, and ship these outstanding low-intervention wines worldwide so people everywhere can enjoy them as much as we do.

Our goal is to introduce you to true wines, carefully selected from producers who respect the land and make wines that reflect where they are.

Caverna do Vinho's online wine shop features wines made by good people, from healthy grapes, vinified with native yeasts, without additives, and without sulfites in 99 percent of our portfolio.

We believe that wines produced this way just taste better. And that's what really matters, isn't it?


Our personal journeys to natural wine

During his time in the restaurant industry, Leandro always considered the full cycle of the food he cooked: the environment it comes from, and how to nourish the body while creating amazing flavours. Raised in Brasil, he didn't fully appreciate wine until he tasted his first natural wine. This was a whole new world, pairing wines with gastronomic ambition to enhance the flavours of each dish and vice-versa. Today, Leandro's gastronomy background is the foundation for selecting Caverna do Vinho wines.

Josefine's natural wine journey has roots in her commitment to a vegan lifestyle. Early on, she discovered the extent to which animal products (as well as chemical additives) are used in large-scale, industrial winemaking. Rather than abandon wine altogether, she dedicated herself to learning about natural wines and has never looked back.

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